What’s On in Big White Ski Resort during your stay with Crescendo

We know, you’re looking forward to finding your ski legs and hitting the slopes. When counting down the days to your trip, though, you might also be wondering what Big White’s brilliant mountain village has to offer?

Well, don’t sweat that one. Big White’s full events programme is up-and-running, and we have some great news…

This year it’s a beauty…!

Let’s Get Quizzical! Huh?

Big White is famous for its BIG hospitality. Throughout the ski season, for example, Happy Valley plays host to weekly competitions and events for the entire family. Special highlights include Bingo and Family Gameshow nights, where you your group can battle together or against each other (and where you or your group can win bragging rights for the rest of your stay).

This year, too, we celebrate the long awaited return of the infamous ‘Quizzly Bear’. So, start boning-up on all that trivia: that is, if you want to take home the prizes at the weekly quiz hosted by a Big White legend!

Check out all the events at Big White ski resort this season here.

Big White, Big Screen, Big Night Out

What’s your favourite winter-themed movie?

The Polar Express? Miracle on 34th Street? Love Actually? Men with Brooms?

Cool Runnings is one of our favourites – hilarious, actually, and you can watch it in THX Surround-Sound on Crescendo’s outstanding 110” screen. In fact, we have just about all of the latest movies, and we load more to our server as they are released (and while you’re asleep).

This year, Crescendo isn’t the only one that’s gone Big. With its giant outdoor movie screen, Big White has gone Big, too: ginormous, really. With classics and blockbusters throughout the season, your family can relax and enjoy Big White’s winter wonderland (and grandma can sate her movie fix).

Oh, did we mention Big White’s screen is outdoors? Hmm. I thought we did. Anyway, our advice? Wrap yourselves up, grab hot chocolate or coffee (or something stronger) from the Mall, and start a Wave in the crowd to ensure you can still feel your toes!

Big Night In!

One might assume that the best ski chalet at the best ski resort would have the best indoor entertainment. That assumption would be correct.

So, for those days when you’ve skied your butt off, and your legs have voted for a night in, we’ve got you covered.

  • Theatre, with 110” screen, streaming more than 1200 movies
  • Games Room, with 55” TV (and movie streaming)
  • Xbox One X & Nintendo Wii gaming systems
  • Poker Table
  • Bumper Pool
  • Ping Pong
  • Jacuzzi, Swim Gym
  • Fitness Equipment

Can you Take It!

Can you take all that fun? I hope so, because Big White and Crescendo are certainly ready to dish it out.

Let’s Go!

The snow is falling, the lifts are open, and the winter season well underway at Big White, BC! So, pack those bags and come experience what Crescendo and Big White, Canada has to offer!

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • December 12, 2017


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