We Just Did the Impossible

Ask anyone who has stayed at Crescendo before and you’ll quickly learn that attention to detail is one of the key features of this luxurious accommodation. In fact, they would probably tell you that it would be impossible to make their future stays any better. Not to prove them wrong or anything like that, but we just did the impossible. We first thought about how we could improve on something that’s already great, then we added some updates to make the best place to stay at Big White even better.

After a fun day on the slopes or just one spent outdoors, who wouldn’t want to relax and watch a good movie? With the new electric seating in our updated theatre, up to eight people can indulge in the comfort our new huge chairs afford. Snuggle into the seat, with your theater snacks close by in the handy drink holder on the arm of one of the roomy leather recliners, before spending a couple of hours getting lost in another world playing out for you on the big screen. We can’t promise that you won’t fall asleep though. After all, these aren’t the kind of seats typically found in a theatre.

There’s more to do while hanging out inside during your visit to Big White. Is there anything more relaxing than spending time in the indoor/outdoor pool at Crescendo? Believe it or not, we found a way to make time in the water even more comfortable for you. With the new indoor/outdoor pool covers that are light and easy to remove, there will never be a humidity issue to deal with after enjoying a nice swim.

With the newly-installed swimsuit wringer/spinner which was added in the ski hall bathroom, it’s easier than ever to dry out your swimsuits. Speaking of laundry, the newly installed sink in the laundry room is the epitome of the sleek, modern, and functional design Crescendo is known for.

While there is more than enough to keep you entertained when you visit Big White, there’s room in every schedule for some downtime. That’s why there is now a new ping pong table in the garage. But there’s more. Installing a new electric-operated screen, for when the garage is open during the summer months, has taken care of those pesky “NoSeeEm” bugs that try to make their presence known a couple of weeks out of every year.

So, yes, we agree with everyone who has stayed at Crescendo in the past. It is an amazing place to call home while you’re away from your own, but we found a way to make it better. Come see us and discover how good change can feel.

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • May 05, 2022


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