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Not only is Ski Crescendo Big White’s best luxury ski chalet, but we are also a font of knowledge when it comes to all things Big White! Why? Because we love Big White, and because we love sharing what we love with our inquisitive guests. So, this week, we figured we’d geek-out a bit, and share some of the stats surrounding those factors that have contributed to making Big White the best ski resort in British Columbia!

Here we go:

2 – Here at Big White, we have 2 fun loving mascots … Loose and Lucy Moose! Look for them the next time you’re in town!

7.2 – The length, in kilometres, of Big White’s longest run: that’s roughly 4.5 miles, for those south of the border (the one without the wall).

7.5 – The amount, in metres, of Big White’s average cumulative snowfall in Big White (more than 24 ½ feet). We’re at that amount already, and it’s only 2/3 of the way into this year’s ski season.

105 – The length, in kilometres, of marked runs (more than 65 miles) … Big White has it all, from Beginner to Extreme (beyond Expert).

1963 – The year Big White Ski Resort officially opened. Only one lift, back then, and that lift was a t-bar. Now, with 15 lifts traveling 20 million Vertical Transport Feet per hour, Big White has certainly come a long way. What hasn’t changed? Big White was, is, and will always be a Family Ski Resort.

1,755 – The height above sea level, in metres, where Big White’s Village is located. That’s about 5758 feet. As an aside, Crescendo sits at 5665 feet, making the approximate 100-yard walk from Crescendo to the Village a breeze.

2,000 – The number of skiable acres in Big White’s proposed expansion. The plan, then, adds more than 8km of skiable terrain. And we thought Big White couldn’t get any better!

28,000 – The number of skiers per hour who can be whisked away to the mountain’s various peaks by Big White’s state-of-the-art lift systems.

And now, some of Crescendo’s numbers:

0 – The number of times you’ll be too hot or too cold while staying at Crescendo. Our smart controls keep the chalet at the temperature of your choosing, and then electronically monitored 24/7. Our geothermal heating keep temps at a constant level, too, without there being any variance from the floor to about 6 ½ feet high. Crescendo’s geothermal system makes cold water, too, so that the home is air conditioned when its needed and where its needed. Zero, by the way, is also the number of unhappy guests that Crescendo has annually.

5 – The number of bathrooms at Crescendo.

6 – The number of private and semi-private rooms that can be dedicated as bedrooms.

22 – The number of adults that Crescendo can sleep in 5 star luxury!

30 – The height, in kilometres (just kidding, in feet, really), of Crescendo’s floor-to-ceiling glass, which looks out onto the slope and provides spectacular views of the Monashee Mountains.

76 – The number of 5 star reviews the chalet has accumulated on Trip Advisor.

150 – The number of guests Crescendo can accommodate for an Event (e.g., wedding, reunion).

5,200 – The amount of space, in square footage, of pure luxury found in Crescendo’s interior.

Unquantifiable – The number of unforgettable memories that we’ll help you to create while staying at Crescendo!

That’s it for now. If you have any questions about Crescendo or about Big White Ski Resort, just ask. We’re here to assist.

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • March 07, 2018


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