Stunning place, Incredibly Equipped, Great Owner

New Guest Review – “Stunning place, Incredibly Equipped, Great Owner”

Cam (August 2017 – Victoria, Canada

Everything, from the initial email about booking onward, was fantastic. Mitch looked after our group from start to finish, taking the time to ensure that we had everything we needed.

Our group was 11 professional guys, up there in August, and it was absolutely incredible. The A/C kept the house a nice temperature, and the perfect, giant hot tub/small pool could be hot or cold. The space in the house was fantastic, and the place is absolutely top notch. There was a local handyman available to fix anything that was needed (we didn't need him). He has been looking after the house for almost 10 years and knows it inside and out.

I've never been on a more comfortable bed, and the sleeping accommodations gave all 11 guys their own beds (plus two small kids beds to spare). The entire group was absolutely wowed, and felt it was worth every penny.

To sum it up, stunning home, incredibly well-equipped with everything, and top notch service from the owner.

Thanks Mitch, Cam

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • September 24, 2017


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