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Enjoy winter up on the hill

Crescendo Interior

Do you have trouble maintaining friendships? Do people seem to be less and less available the longer they know you? Are you confused as to why your Mailman keeps losing wedding invitations people swear they mailed you?

Well my friend, you may be suffering from Socialitis. It’s a real problem facing millions of socially awkward Canadians. While the drug companies have been unable to treat it, we’ve discovered a cure.


“Buy a Place on a Ski Resort”, by Sherlock and Associates.

This safe, all natural remedy is proven to treat the worst cases of Socialitis (as well as Singleness). Happy clients report that within 3 months of buying their winter wonderland property their social lives improved dramatically. Colleagues began asking about holiday plans, extended family members started to visit and friends once believed to have left the country suddenly popped up and were available to hang out…at least on long weekends and after heavy snowfalls.

Wondering if now is the time to finally treat Socialitis? Consider these stats:

-There are currently 225 active listings at Big White alone.
-The average sold price at Big White is under $225,000 (significantly under the average listing price).
-Deals can now be readily found on Whistler, with many condos selling in the $350,000-$450,000 range.

Please contact us with your own specifics and we’ll get you set up with some current, active listings and the best deals on the BC Ski Resorts.

If you’ve ever considered investing in your own piece of your favourite ski resort, now is the time to take action. Let us know if we can be of service. We are able to introduce you to fantastic Realtors at all the major resorts including Silver Star, Red Mountain, Revelstoke Mountain, Sun Peaks, Big White and of course Whistler.

Warning: Side effects of “Buying a Place on a Ski Resort” include increased interest from the opposite sex, more enjoyable weekends and life long family memories.

The Ultimate in Luxury Ski Condos – Crescendo @ Big White

Crescendo Exterior

One of the most luxurious properties at Big White, Crescendo will impress even the most discerning individual. This property is available to rent for all of your special occasion including Christmas parties, family reunions, weddings, golf get aways or your dream ski vacation. It’s so fantastic you may have a hard time finding motivation to get out on to the slopes!

Click Here for more photos and info – Crescendo Feature

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • December 15, 2011


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