Review – Wedding – Built for Fun & Wedding Festivities

Guest Review – Wedding “The house is built for funGreat hub for weekend wedding festivities

Lori / Alex (August 2016) – Hoi An, Vietnam

We stayed at Crescendo for our wedding in August. The mountain has started staying open in the summer months only recently, which means it's basically deserted. The house, though, had everything we needed to host a couple of events.

While only a handful of our guests actually stayed at the house, we comfortably hosted nearly 50 people for cocktails and a barbecue. The other guests were all able to find affordable accommodation elsewhere on the mountain – even at the last minute. The house served as a perfect launch point for golf, vineyards, and other activities down in Kelowna.

Mitch and his staff were extremely accommodating. "The house is built for fun" was a line we heard a few times. As long as your guests are respectful, they are open to the house being used to its full potential as a great place for celebration and mingling.

We had our dinner at the Globe restaurant – which served an incredible meal and is only a few hundred meters away – and then walked back to the house with our guests where a bartender kept everyone happy all night long.

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • December 27, 2016


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