Ready, Set, Step Inside a Hallmark Movie

Here’s something most don’t get to experience every day. Thanks to Canada’s blossoming filming industry, Canada’s Hollywood magic has, again, arrived at Big White.

Hallmark Chose Big White, Once Again

Hallmark chose Big White as the backdrop for their winter movies Love in Winterland and A Winter Princess, and they’re currently at Big White filming their third movie The Christmas Star in Big White. Really, with Big White as their ready-made backdrop, all Hallmark needed to do was to add the props and the actors. Even Hollywood couldn’t have spec’d better scenery.

Live the Hallmark Movie Experience – No Auditions Required

Much like the characters in these movies, you can experience everything life has to offer as you visit the shops and restaurants found in Big White’s downtown. Then, when night falls, come home to Crescendo at Big White. Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t enjoy the private ensuites, the relaxing indoor-outdoor pool/Jacuzzi, and the panoramic views guaranteed to take your breath away?

Your Big White experience will make you believe you’ve stepped through a screen and into the world of a Hallmark movie. Here’s a secret that Big White has known all along and Hallmark is figuring out. It’s possible to live the dream.

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • November 30, 2021


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