Perfect Getaway, Great Find

New Guest Review – “Perfect Getaway, Great Find”

Sam (August 2017) – Calgary, Canada

Crescendo is a gorgeous building that stands out from the surrounding homes, and is a complete smart home, in every way. I’ve never seen anything like it.

– How often do we get to stay in a smart home? Very cool experience!
– Crescendo easily accommodated our party, with capacity to spare. The home is well kept and very clean.
– The children and adults loved the pool: really cool indoor/outdoor concept.
– The movie theater and the suite of movies were amazing. It was like an unlimited selection of entertainment.
– The steam shower was an experience!
– The BBQ area and built-in sound system was the perfect private patio experience.
– Also, it was super quiet; it was like we had the whole Village to ourselves. Being from the city, I personally liked that.

Mitch, your service was amazing, and the property managers were a call away and showed up promptly when needed. Crescendo is a pretty cool place, and I recommend staying here.

Heads-up to those visiting in the summer. Crescendo is on a mountain, so the nights can get rather chilly. Great for using Crescendo’s Jacuzzi, but one should be prepared by bringing along more than just merely shorts and t-shirts. Another tip is to gas-up before leaving Kelowna, as there are no gas stations between there and Big White (you’ll need at least 80 kilometers of fuel to get to and from Crescendo).

Thanks Mitch for supplying the location for our memories.

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • September 24, 2017


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