Nobody Puts Big White in a Corner

Spartans are used to fighting to see who’s the toughest of them all.  That’s a good thing because Big White doesn’t plan to go easy on these athletes while hosting the Spartan North American Championship this summer.  

The Spartan Races involves the highest level of sport of obstacle course racing.   At Big White, the race will be part of the Kelowna Spartan race weekend which will include a Spartan Ultra (50km/60 obstacles), Spartan Super (10K/25 obstacles), and a kids race(1-3k and obstacles).  Ultimately, only 10 athletes will qualify. 

These Top 10 athletes are used to a challenge; they’re also used to competing in the best locations.  They couldn’t have picked a better location than right here at Big White Mountain, the highest summit in the Okanagan Highland, and one of the most beautiful places in Canada.  This area offers the perfect terrain for the first time these athletes will compete outside of America, an honor bestowed upon Big White.

Some of the toughest competitors in the world will descend upon Big White on Saturday, August 27, 2022.  They will find out pretty quickly that nobody puts Big White in a corner.  No, they should expect challenging obstacles guaranteed to push them to their limits.  They should also expect to have epic fun while fighting to see who really is the best of the best.

As part of the Kelowna Spartan Race Weekend, athletes can expect to fight for the chance to win the $62,000 in prize money while trying to tame The Spartan Beast.  This 21- kilometer course features 30 challenging obstacles, Big White-style.

Big White has a playful side too.  Once the competition is over, athletes can expect to be pampered as they enjoy all this wonderful place has to offer.  Tired muscles?  Needing a rest?  Crescendo has you covered. Just like the extreme terrain of Big White, Crescendo goes to the extreme when it comes to accommodations.  You just can’t beat the level of luxury offered here. Seeing truly is believing.  And we believe in making your dreams come true.

Big White Ski Resort is determined not to get the big head, but it’s becoming more challenging every day with all the prestigious events that keep choosing this close-to-perfect location as their own.  Come see for yourself why everyone keeps choosing us. May the best person win as you compete to see who can conquer what Big White has to throw at you.  After the winner is chosen, expect to enjoy the most luxurious accommodation, the most delicious food, and the most relaxing environment Canadians love to simply call Big White.

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • February 23, 2022


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