New HomeAway Review – “Over the Top Accommodation”

New HomeAway Review – Ski Club

Victoria Alpine Ski Club (for February 2014) – Victoria, BC


To say we loved this place is an understatement… its spectacular – a must to experience firsthand. It’s not many times in our life time that we get to experience this type of luxury. The kitchen is set up beautifully and completely. Having all the spices and “staples” was a treat. The staff were extremely helpful – from assisting us to bringing in our gear, to showing us around, to ensuring the place was in immaculate shape.

We did manage to get in some awesome skiing (Big White is the best!), even though there were almost too many things to do and experience inside – hot tubing, outdoor pool, games – just looking at the scenery out the window. We continue to rave about your place to our friends and other club members and send them to your web site so they can see what we’re talking about. Hopefully they will be able to stay in the lap of luxury too! We’re hoping we can get back next year and share the experience with even more members of our ski club. Thanks Crescendo!!!

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • March 24, 2014


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