It’s Big. It’s Fast. It’s the Right Amount of Scary

Big White’s Slopestyle Invitational – Gold Medal Recap
Photo Report by Clint Trahan

Why does everything seem to be upside down?

Woo Hoo

Man, how high can these guys go?

Pretty High

Crazy High

Apparently, high enough to touch the sun.

Hitting the freshest Slopestyle course in Canada, riders were unanimous in their review, says Photo Journalist, Clint Trahan. “It's big. It's fast. It'ssendy. It's the right amount of scary.” With 7trickablefeatures, and with it being built so that riders can soar, these guys truly fly. See the entire Photo Review here.

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • July 09, 2018


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