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01-02-2010 (Peter)

Stayed last Feb, my best mate’s old man rented the Crescendo for 2 weeks. The bar full of lat 50 and 1000 inch tv that was next to my bed was my highlight. Waking up next to the beer was my second. The kitchen was awesome and views to die for. When we weren’t enjoying the Crescendo, we were up at Sams on the froths. Not sure why I took my snowboard, but I will know better next time. Thanks Dr Mitch.  I’m in talks with dad re next Jan, so I will be in touch ..haz (sydney, aust )

01-01-2010 (Jules)

Stayed last February.  Had the time of our life.  Have sent the architectural plans to St Peter, so when I get to heaven he will already have a start on my dream chalet.  If comfort, style, and ski aesthetics are high on your ‘bucket list’ you just can’t beat ‘big-daddy-crescendo’, catch you in the hot-tub after the next powder run. Jules (sydney, aust.)

01-20-2010 (Jason)

Absolutely loved Crescendo. Stayed there for MLK weekend and I had a wonderful time. The skiing was amazing (ski in and ski out is a great feature). Tons of great movies to watch on the home-theatre. The house is beautiful, the slopes are great, and the whole package is amazing.

03-04-2010 (Justin)

What a place!

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Flipkey & VRBO Guest Reviews – 2010

Connie (for March 2010) – Kelowna, BC

Opulence on top of the world! – We entered the front door and with the touch of one button the chalet came alive with lights, music and fire. There is nothing predictable in this home, everything is magical. The 35 foot tall open stairwell leads to six levels. Each floor is fun to explore and full of surprises. The best feature for me was the indoor/outdoor pool/hot tub!

The place is equipped with everything and we felt instantly at home. The location is one of the best on the mountain. It is just a short walk to the village and set right on a main run.

Since 2007 we have had the privilege to stay at the Crescendo three times with our family and my husband stayed once with his hockey team. We have so many great memories and can’t wait for our next stay!

Cory (for Jan 2010) – Kelowna, BC

Amazing Stay at Big White!

We had the privilege of staying at Crescendo at Big White with some family and friends, and it was an amazing get-away (that we never wanted to end).

Upon our arrival, we did a quick walk through to check out our accommodation, and it did not disappoint. It was even better in person than the website description and photos!

Once we unloaded our supplies for our stay, we settled in and began to feel like we had left the real world behind. The next few days were filled with great food, wine, games, laughter and socializing. We managed to get out and enjoy all that Big White has to offer, but always looked forward to returning to our “Crescendo Castle.”

We thoroughly enjoyed movie watching in the amazing home theater, some ping pong, using the BBQ, late night tubing & tobogganing, and the indoor / outdoor hot tub! Even sitting in the great room in front of the fire listening to some music while socializing with the adults, while the kids played ping pong, made popcorn, and watched all kinds of movies on the large home theater screen and amazing surround sound system!

We will definitely be looking forward to our next stay at Crescendo, and would highly recommend this accommodation for anyone who wants to spoil themselves with Big White’s most exclusive accommodation. You will be the envy of all who ski by!

Natalie (for January 2010) – Chilliwack BC

An exceptional, top quality winter vacation! – We have stayed at the Crescendo for a few years. Our first time was in 07′, 6 months after my first daughter. We brought my parents and had just a fantastic quality family trip from adventures, facility to the overall experience. Since then we have been five other times. In fact we loved it so much we surprised my family and brought them up for a Christmas present: all 16 of us. What a time to remember! Being able to be just below the village ski in and ski out. There is something for everyone: even if that means curling up in front of the fireplace watching the skiers or reading a good book. What’s not to love about Crescendo?

Dale (for January 2010) – Kelowna, BC

We had a spectacular time!! The heading says it all. Unparalleled excellence. When we go up as a family, it is hard to get outside to enjoy the outdoors. There is so much to do in the Crescendo. We loved our stay.

Jason (for January 2010) – Atlanta, GA

Like staying in a palace – I cannot possibly rate Crescendo highly enough! I spent a week there in 2007 and loved it so much that I went back for another week in 2010. If I weren’t a broke college student, I can promise you that I’d be there every single year.

The house is beautiful and futuristic in a way that few places can compare to. Everything is automated and – to put it simply- fancy. The lights and anything technological are all on control panels on the wall, and every time I think I’ve seen everything there is to see about the house, I find another nook or cool tidbit I hadn’t found yet. The showers are all awesome (especially after a long day of skiing) and the indoor-outdoor hot tub is amazing.

Perhaps the best thing about Crescendo though is that, despite its impressive amenities and amazing gadgets (I’ve barely scraped the surface of them in this review), it still manages to feel cozy and comfortable. When I’m in Crescendo I always feel like I’m at home (or maybe that’s just caused by my intense envy that I don’t actually live there).

Oh, and it’s very important to mention that Crescendo is literally right next to the ski slopes, making the house ski-in-ski-out, which is fantastic if you want to get in a full day’s skiing (or if you’re lazy like me and you don’t like hiking half a mile with skis slung over your shoulder).

Overall I’d rate my stays at Big White and Crescendo as the best ski trips I’ve ever had- hands down. As I mentioned at the beginning, I’d give this place more than five stars if it were possible. If you have the opportunity to stay here I highly recommend it.

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • April 24, 2010


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