From Slopes to Spas: Indulge in Relaxation at Big White’s Premier Destinations for Unwinding

Nestled in the picturesque mountains of British Columbia, Big White Ski Resort isn’t just renowned for its pristine slopes and exhilarating winter sports. Beyond the adrenaline-fueled activities, it offers a haven for relaxation seekers, boasting top-notch spas and wellness centers that provide the perfect retreat after a day on the mountain.

For those craving ultimate relaxation, the Village Centre Mall stands out as a hub of rejuvenation where visitors can find a range of spa services to soothe tired muscles and rejuvenate the senses. Whether it’s a blissful massage, invigorating facial, or luxurious body treatment, the expert therapists at these spas are dedicated to providing a pampering experience like no other.

One that stands out is Elevation Spa, located conveniently at the heart of the village. Boasting stunning views of the surrounding mountains, this oasis offers a comprehensive menu of treatments designed to promote wellness and relaxation. From hot stone massages to hydrating body wraps, every treatment is tailored to address guests’ individual needs, ensuring a truly personalized experience.

For an unparalleled alpine retreat, escape to the tranquil haven of The Spa at Stonebridge. With a diverse team of expert therapists hailing from around the globe, indulge in a plethora of rejuvenating treatments ranging from bespoke massages to luxurious facials. Their full-service oasis is dedicated to revitalizing your senses, ensuring every visit leaves you feeling replenished and restored.

Don’t want to go anywhere else and opt to stay at your luxurious accommodation at Big White? Then call for an appointment with Mountain Massage Mobile Services. With over a decade of experience, they offer a range of treatments, including the soothing warmth of hot stone massages, the ancient healing of acupressure, and the rejuvenating touch of reflexology. Whether you’re winding down after hitting the slopes or simply craving some self-care, their expert therapists bring the spa experience directly to your doorstep for ultimate convenience and comfort all year round!

But the relaxation options at Big White extend beyond traditional spa treatments. The resort also boasts several hot tubs and saunas, perfect for unwinding after a day on the slopes. Whether it’s soaking in the warm waters of the outdoor hot tubs or sweating out toxins in the dry sauna, these amenities provide the ideal way to soothe tired muscles and relax the mind.

For those looking to take their relaxation to the next level, a visit to the Globe Café & Tapas Bar is a must. This cozy spot offers a range of indulgent treats, from gourmet coffees to decadent desserts—providing the perfect accompaniment to a day of pampering and relaxation.

And let’s not forget about the culinary delights that await visitors at Big White. After a day of unwinding, guests can treat themselves to a gourmet meal at one of the resort’s many restaurants, where locally sourced ingredients are transformed into mouthwatering dishes that satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Beyond the slopes, Big White Ski Resort offers more than just world-class skiing and snowboarding. With its array of top-notch spas, wellness centers, and culinary delights, it provides the perfect retreat for relaxation seekers looking to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the stunning beauty of the mountains. So why wait? Plan your visit today and experience the ultimate in mountain relaxation at Big White Ski Resort.

Plan your trip accordingly, and make the most of your time at Big White by staying at Crescendo—a cozy and luxurious accommodation and one of Big White’s largest single-family home spanning about 5200 square feet—where you and your family and friends can bond over outdoor adventures, warm up by the fireplace, soak in a hot tub with mountain views, and gather together at night to share stories of your day’s adventures. Book your stay today!

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • April 30, 2024


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