Where should we purchase groceries and alcohol?

In BC, alcohol is sold in liquor stores, but it is not sold in any of the grocery stores. Also, while BC wine is excellent, it is also very expensive. If you are traveling from another country, I recommend that each person in your party brings with them two bottles of wine (the maximum amount allowable).

The Big White Market is a convenient (but small) grocery store and liquor store located on the mountain in the Village. You can easily walk there from Crescendo’s ski entry. We recommend, though, that you purchase the bulk of your groceries and alcohol in Kelowna.

Costco is on your way to Big White: at the corner of Highway 97 & Highway 33. If the number in your party or the length of your stay justifies, you may consider grocery shopping at Costco on your way to Crescendo.

On Highway 33, there is a Sav-On-Foods grocery store (on your right, as you are traveling to Crescendo). There is a liquor store right across the street from that grocery store, as well.

Choices Market is a Health Food market on Hwy 97 only about 4 km past the Hwy 33 turn-off; 1937 Havery Blvd.

Natures Fare Market is also a Health Food market. It is in the Orchard Plaza, about 2 km past the Hwy 33 turn-off, across the street from the Orchard Park Mall.

If you’d like the shopping and/or food preparation done for you, you may want to check-out and The former service prepares meals for you, using as many organic and hormone-free choices as possible. The latter is a grocery shopping service, and they will both deliver and place your groceries at Crescendo for you.

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  • July 07, 2020


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