Disc golfers and amateur mountain bikers can take delight in knowing there’s now a park for them

If you’re a vaccinated American, you can now come up to beautiful Big White and explore what this quaint town in Canada has to offer

Now that Canada has opened its border to vaccinated Americans, on August 9th, there are a few new fun reasons to come see us in Big White, British Columbia Canada. In addition to the numerous summertime activities one can enjoy up here, visitors can now also play safely in two new parks.  

If you’re thinking about learning how to mountain bike, or simply want to enhance and improve your biking skills on challenging mountain terrain, then look no further than Big White’s new Beginners Skill Park which opened up last month. This park is a great spot to get a feel for what it takes to bike Big White mountains and has three different zones – an introduction to mountain biking; how to level up with decision-making riding; and how to “stay grounded.” If you would like to gain confidence in what can be a very intimidating sport at first, then the Beginners Skill Park offers a safe and stress-free space where mountain bikers can test out their skills.

If mountain biking is not for you and you’d prefer to take on a less risky adventure, then the new nine-hole disc golf course is a perfect option. This course, located between the main Village and Happy Valley is a fun, social, and interactive activity for the whole family. The best part is it’s free. You can either bring your own discs or rent them in the Village Centre Mall and at Globe Cafe. 

Both parks are open from now until September 6th.

If you have been vaccinated and want to take a vacation that you won’t forget, then book now before things fill up. But if your summer/fall schedule won’t allow you to get away, then ski season is around the corner. And of course, you’ll want to stay in none other than our beautiful Crescendo in Big White. At 5,200 square feet, the Crescendo is perfect for the whole family, any time of the year. So book online now, pack your bags and vaccine cards, and come on up!

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • August 14, 2021


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