Crescendo’s 2016 Transformation

Crescendo – The King of the Mountain: more comely.

(part 3, our new Interior, continued)

Interior: Our Master Ensuite –

Master Bedroom

Starting from the top (literally), the Master Suite has been totally transformed with a very rich grass/copper foil wallpaper. To fully appreciate the wallpaper’s rich detail, we also added to the lighting in that room. That lighting helps, too, when standing in front of the Master Suite’s new full length mirror. Crescendo’s Master Suite has always been sweet, and a separate retreat all to itself. Even more so now, though, since we also added a full-sized couch and chaise. Combined, the Master Suite’s transformation further emphasizes what we had always hoped to create therein: that sensation of Ahhhhhhhh …

Guest Bedroom

Our Guest Bedrooms –

When showing off our Guest Bedrooms to new guests, we get a kick out of their awe-struck expressions and from their audible gasps. Yes, simply stated, the wallpaper in those rooms, entitled, “Corrosion,” is stunning.

Our Pool Room –

The Pool Room, exterior

All of the Pool Room’s windows have been coated with energy saving film, protecting that room especially from the sun’s intensity as it ricochets off the snow. A serendipitous perc surfaced, too, by the film’s mirrored finish to the Pool Room’s exterior. Seeing the mountain’s natural beauty reflected across Crescendo’s exterior, for us, was truly an “OMG” experience.

Another example of action driven by guest feedback, is the addition of four height-adjustable stools placed inside the Pool. While seated, you and your friends can now relax in the Pool/Jacuzzi with your favorite beverage in hand. The suggestion that brought about our Pool’s stools, though, had little to do with one’s bottom and more to do with one’s top: specifically, hair. Preferring their hair to stay dry, some of our guests prefer to brave the weather in lieu of entering/exiting the Jacuzzi from the comfort of our toasty Pool Room (26C, 78 F). Imagine that! Regardless, the stools facilitate an outdoor entry/exit by providing that needed boost.

Those who want to enjoy your company near the Jacuzzi, but not in the Jacuzzi, will appreciate the outdoor seating we added to that area. We think the seating will be especially appreciated by our guests joining us during Big White’s new summer season.

Our Great Room … What an unbelieveable change! Instead of …(next post)

  • Posted by Dr. Mitch Perlman
  • September 19, 2016


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