About Us

The Best of the Best

At about 5200 square feet, Crescendo is one of the largest single-family Big White accommodations. More importantly, though, Crescendo defines “luxury,” and every aspect of the home was designed for practicality and for comfort.

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Big White, then look no further than Crescendo!

When was it built?

Crescendo was meticulously crafted over a six-year period and completed in 2007, by owner Mitch Perlman as an escape from the what is routine and what is ordinary, and with plenty of room for others to join him!

Built around the scenery.

Crescendo’s Great Room looks out to the ski slope only 5′ away (making everyone on the slope jealous of the guests staying there). Embedded into the mountain’s granite base, and following closely the mountain’s natural contour.  Six very separate/private areas are created by half-rotations around our striking glass-block spiraled staircase.  While each room captures views of the slopes and/or of the majestic Monashee Mountains, the views from the Great Room, from the Kitchen, and from the Dining Room are absolutely breathtaking.

A Local Masterpiece

Crescendo was brilliantly engineered to be an extension of the mountain itself.  Excepting some of the furniture, everything at Crescendo was custom designed and built. Honed quartzite slate is not only the backdrop for the 25’ tall fireplace, but it covers several portions of key walls (inside and outside), as well as the pool and each of the showers.   The masterpiece moniker also extends to it’s Smart Home features.  Whether you’re technologically savvy or technologically challenged, you’ll be intrigued by the intuitive nature of Crescendo’s home automation systems.  Lighting, music, security, climate control, and wireless are all managed through intuitive touchpanels located throughout the home.

About The Owner

Mitch Perlman - Owner

About Mitch

Professionally, Dr. Mitch Perlman is a Forensic Child Neuropsychologist. Primarily, he assesses special needs kids, so that they receive the compendium of educational & medical services required to reach their potential and lead enriched lives.

On a more personal note, Dr. Mitch has an incredible spouse, three wonderful adult children, and eight amazing grandchildren (I know, he looks, or at least acts, way too young to have grandkids).

Dr. Mitch has also rescued/adopted two boys, Jax & Jake (both, Miniature Pinschers), and is additionally a foster parent for the Miniature Pinscher Rescue. Further, Dr. Mitch loves snowboarding, scuba diving, sailplaning, hang gliding, skydiving, and especially indoor tunnel flying. Further, he is dying for the opportunity to be catapulted off a carrier on an F-14. What won’t he do? Jump off a high-diving board, claiming to be afraid of heights. Go figure.

A Favorite Quote

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Bernard M. Baruch